The importance of a good sofa for your living room

Sofa often set the tone for the whole room and space where it is placed when it comes to design. There are bunch of different styles from which to select, each of which will affect other furniture sand accent pieces so as to reach at an aesthetically pleasing as well as cohesive design. 

Our Florence sofa provides comfort with its foam filled cushioning and seat which sits on a supportive  base. It is an instant transformative piece for the living room or family space, the sofa offers a classic and stylish ambiance. Versatile and current, the sofa works well with any existing decor, immediately enhancing a space and taking it to the next level. Available in various material and colors, it is so easy to create the perfect vibe for your living room. 

打造舒適美麗的家,是每個人的夢想。沙發通常為整個房間和空間的設定基調,市面上不同的沙發設計為室內空間打造不同的氛圍和風格。Florence sofa的外形提供經典而時尚的感覺,正方的外框配以簡單的金屬底部,大氣且簡單俐落,輕易勾勒空間。Florence sofa可做布或皮沙發,十分容易融合不同裝潢及風格,為你的客廰營造理想的感覺。