The lounge chair that take the interior design to another level

The design of Jacobsen Style Lounge Chair is truly timeless. Despite its age it is still very popular because this chair can definitely make spaces look beautiful and sophisticated, integrated effortlessly into modern and contemporary interior decors.

The Chair can stand out with their iconic form alone in any interiors. For instance, it can sit in the corner standalone of the living room but still looks exquisite. When used in combination with its matching footstool, they are a gorgeous pair which highlight their simplicity, sinuosity and elegance from the design. 

This iconic chair is available in a variety of different colors and materials, including some very bright and vibrant ones. This diversity makes it even more versatile. 
Jacobsen Style Lounge Chair雖已有幾十年歷史,但其設計是永恆的。時至今日,它仍然非常受歡迎,讓空間看起來美麗而精緻,毫不費力地融入現代室內裝飾中。


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