The Minkoff Durable Solid Oak Wood Desk

Durable Solid Oak Wood Desk: The Minkoff

Durable Solid Oak Wood Desk: The Minkoff

If you want a style that will last a lifetime why not try solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture is a timeless style and has been around since 1899. The great thing about the solid wood pieces from Decor8 Hong Kong furniture is that our solid oak wood comes directly from Northern America. Today we present to you, the Minkoff Desk, one of our most durable solid wood desk. Anyone who loves natural wood furniture can’t deny that this table looks beautiful. Whilst the price tag can seem quite costly, it isn’t hard to see why this is the case. This solid wood desk is well-built, incredibly durable and designed to last for generations. However since this table is durable, it leads to the desk being heavier than something made from a cheaper material like MDF wood.

The great thing about the Minkoff is that it can withstand wear and tear that comes from daily usage and requires minimal maintenance. The hardwax oil coating helps stop moisture and liquids getting into the wood. Wiping away a spillage becomes effortless with this added coating. Another great thing is that if the desk begins to show it’s age then you can just refinish it to bring the piece back life. Alternatively you could leave it as it is to show off a vintage retro look for your desk.

If you are the sort of person that loves DIY then why not give the desk a splash of colour. Grab some paint and get creative. There are lots of fun ways to create your own unique looking table. This is one of the best features to having a wooden piece of furniture. But what if I don’t want to colour my table? That is fine too since this can give a warm natural feel to any room. Why stop with just having a wooden desk. Check out other great wooden furniture that are available at Decor8 Hong Kong furniture.


Written by: Elijah Woodly

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