The Most Comfortable Office Chairs

The Most Comfortable Office Chairs

The Most Comfortable Office Chairs

When picking out your office chair, you need to think about quality and comfort since it affects your health and productivity. It isn’t easy when it comes to picking out the right office chair because there are so many options. Decor8 Hong Kong furniture is here to give you some pointers to help you pick out the most comfortable office chair that is right for you.

When pairing up your office chair with a desk, you need it ergonomically correct to suit your shape and size. The problem is that most people don’t realise that an improperly set up desk could lead to you repetitive strain injury (RSI). There are a lot of different factors which can cause injuries like slouching and keeping your shoulders tense. This could lead to pinched nerves in your shoulders and even give you pain in your wrists.

So what do you look for when looking for a new office chair? The following are some of the things you need to make sure your chair has:

    • Backrest / Cushion Material: Most likely you’ll be spending hours on this chair so it is important to choose a chair that feels comfortable. It is also a great idea to look for breathable material since this will continuously encourage the flow of fresh air instead of blocking it. Have a look at our mesh options which provide refreshing and rejuvenating air flow.
    • Seat Depth: A seat depth which is too long could leave you sitting too far forward, which makes the back support of the chair seem redundant.
    • Adjustable Height: This is important since you need the correct seating position to avoid injury. You need to adjust the height of your office chair so that your thighs are parallel to the ground and your feet flat to the floor or foot rest. Your forearms should be the same height of your desk.
    • Recline-Ability: Generally you want the angle to be far forward to keep your posture up. The further back you have your chair the more likely you’ll be in a position to slouch. Though for reading purposes, you may want to set the chair back a bit so you aren’t straining your eyes by being too close to the screen.
    • Arm Rests: These are on the chair for a place to rest your arms when you aren’t actively typing. When you are using them make sure your shoulders aren’t hunched and your elbow bends at 90 degree angles.
    • Lumbar support: Our backs are slightly curved inwards which means the backs of the office chairs shouldn’t be directly vertical. The configuration of the backrest should support our lower backs by coming forward.
    • Swiveling and Wheels: Being able to move around freely is important so that you don’t over stretch or strain your body.

These helpful tips will help you pick out the most comfortable office chairs you require in your workspace. Have a look at the collection of office chairs that are offered to you by Decor8 Hong Kong furniture.

Written by: Akira Takamoto

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