Stylish Hangar Wood Coat Stand From Decor8

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    Hangar Wood Coat Stand

So maybe the Tree Wood Coat Stand in our last post didn’t suit your fancy. Not to worry here is another one that you might like. Featuring in this post is the Hangar Wood Coat Stand offered to you by Decor8 Hong Kong furniture. Out of the two, the Hangar Wood Coat Stand is a little be more expensive but offers more variety in material. This coat stand utilises the traditional plastic hangar juxtaposed with a solid American ash wood base to form a smart coat stand combination to hang up all your favorite things.


The branches of each arm on the Hangar Wood Coat Stand are removable if desired. If you do intend to remove one of the hooks make sure you put it somewhere safe. You don’t want to be losing one of its arms otherwise you’ll have one less storage space for one of your items.


There are three arms on this coat stand, which is perfect if you only have a few outdoor coats and jackets. What if you are into fashion style as much as I am? Why not try this idea, hook a utility bag with open pockets to place all your going out accessories. With the two remaining hooks, you could use one for your bag and the other for your favourite jacket. Purchase a Hang-it-all Coat Rack to hook up to the wall for the rest of your stylish jackets.


The Hangar Wood Coat Stand looks great next to or behind sofas as well. This is for the lazy people out there which I can’t deny that I’m liking the idea. Hang a couple of bags filled with snacks and items that you want close by when you are relaxing on the sofa. This saves time without having to go too far to retrieve what you want.


Written By: Bobby Smith

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