The Perfect Sofa Bed For Small Interiors

The Perfect Sofa Bed For Small Interiors

The Perfect Sofa Bed For Small Interiors


In Hong Kong living quarters these days, there aren’t many options for big homes on a small budget. There usually isn’t any space for a designated guest room but this doesn’t mean you can’t accommodate friends and family who want to stay overnight. The Karlsen Modern Sofa Bed was made for that very occasion. This is simply the perfect sofa bed for small interiors and here are some facts to tell you why. This bed folds out to turn into a single-double size bed measuring at 120 cm width and 190 cm length. It’s very spacious for a single person to sleep on, but it can be a bit tight for two people since it isn’t considered a full size double bed.


How do you turn it into a bed? First of all when positioning the bed in your apartment or home make sure you leave a little gap behind it if you plan to place it up against the wall. There is a reason for this, the back of the sofa folds down with the ‘click clack’ mechanism to turn into ⅔ of the sleeping area. You will notice two fabricated drawstrings at the front of the sofa. Grasp hold of them and pull towards you until you can’t pull any more. Stand up and pull upwards to make the last part of the sofa mattress sit on top of the front part of the sofa.


Is it comfortable? Everyone has a different comfort level so let me tell you my experiences with this sofa bed. This sofa is firm and provides excellent support for the body at the shoulders, hips and lower back. The two extra pillows that come with the sofa bed are soft and provide plenty of support. It’s one of those things that you need to try in order to find out if it meets your comfort level.

 What colours does it come in? There are a lot of colours for you to choose from and the selection is available here. If you want even more colours then I would advise you to drop by our showrooms, where we have available colour swatches for you to see and feel.

What makes this sofa bed so special? The Karlsen sofa bed is modern statement for any room and the style looks elegant giving no indication that it is something low quality and cheap. One of the best feature for this sofa is the ability to remove the premium fabric cover for easy cleaning. The fabric is attached to the sofa with velcro and zippers so taking them off couldn’t be any easier.

Don’t just believe what I say, come in for a visit and try it for yourself. Be prepared to spend the money as this is surely a lovely sofa bed which will give you sweet dreams.

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