The Twisting Stool at Decor8


Looking for something that is interchangeable as a side table or an accent stool? Decor8 Hong Kong furniture has just the item for you with a unique shape. We present to you the Twisting Wood Stool. The most beautiful feature about this piece is indeed its unique shape, which is handcrafted by hand and machine. The hourglass figure shape says it all with those oo-la-la sexy curves. This morphed stool creates a delicate look to this sturdy piece of furniture, which compliments a wide range of interior styles.


This solid wood piece is constructed with natural teak wood with a hardwax oil coating. This coating helps protect it from the elements which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. This Twisting Wood Stool is very resistant to insect attacks, which is another reason why it is possible to be placed outdoors.


Using it as an accent stool? You have every right to do so since this wood piece echoes the beauty of its natural design in its appearance. The twisting manner of the stool creates movement in an otherwise static object.


The Twisting Wood Stool is a multi-purpose furniture piece and can be used as a side table or accent table. It can be used purely as a decorative piece by placing it in a wall alcove with some added decorations on top. Alternatively you can take full advantage of its strength by using it as a stool for whomever needs a seat. You can even use it for a place to put items on top, which is a great addition next to sofas, armchairs or larger tables. This will make a great place to put items such as television remote controls, books, beverages and other bits and pieces that you need close to you.


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Written by Simon Simpson 


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