Three Amazing Vintage Retro Wall Lamps From Decor8

3 Amazing Vintage Retro Wall Lamps

3 Amazing Vintage Retro Wall Lamps

One look that has become a more ironic trend amongst the interior design world this season is the retro style. This has led to the resurgence of the restoration and early electric styles to raise up again in design plans for lighting. Back in the 21st Century, top designers and consumers would look for lighting fixtures and decor products that featured materials dating back to the 1920s. It’s easy to see why and that’s due to the styles in which the lights were featured in. They had clean lines that fit perfectly with the simple silhouettes of modern design but also display an atmosphere with touch of romance of the old world with the rubbed and aging finishes. The Edison-style carbon filament bulbs contributes to this ambience feel of the past with a soft warm glow.

Decor8 Hong Kong furniture has selected three amazing vintage retro wall lamps in our collection of unique updated classics and timeless reproductions.

Vintage Wire Wall Lamp combines contemporary lighting technology and modern antique style sensibility. This lamp is certainly a blast from the past with the fine lines and the vintage rubbed casing. The bottom opens up allowing you to change the bulb when it goes out.

Smithson Loft Wall Lamp is similar to the Vintage Wall Lamp with the caged look but comes with a lamp shade to direct the light downwards. The inner casing covering the bulb helps protects the bulb and gives off the illusion that the bulb is bigger than it actually seems to be to the human eye.

Industrial Loft Wall Lamp resembles the Smithson Wall Lamp excluding the caged look. This lamp goes great with rooms that have the industrial style tone. To create that style with the Industrial Loft Wall Lamp with the same type of furniture, why not have a peek at this guide written by one of our bloggers at Decor8.

These three lights can often be seen in romantic settings, which quite oftenly can be seen in bars and restaurants as well as homes. The great thing about all three of these light fixtures is that you can place them anywhere, where you think needs the extra lighting. You can even use them to show off some of the artwork hung on the wall by using them as spotlights.

For other amazing wall lamps, have a look at the collection offered to you by Decor8 Hong Kong furniture.

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