Trendy Small Spaces

Trendy Small Spaces

Trendy Small Spaces

Small Furniture For Trendy Small Spaces

Living in a tight living space means you need to think carefully about the items you want to occupy your space. Furniture needs to be flexible with double duty features that would make your daily living functional and comfortable.

Here we will explore some money saving options that can easily adapt into our small interiors. All these items will be available at our Decor8 Website.

The Astor Sofa should be considered if you want something that is small, affordable, and easy to clean. With a variety of colors and it’s removable slipcover, this sofa will be worth every penny spent.

Placing wooden pieces such as the Orson Side Table and Gemma Coffee Table can help to achieve a naturally warm cozy environment. The small size of these two items means you can easily move them around the room or even into another room, which can be quite convenient when you want to rearrange your interior.

Compact desks like the Campbell Desk provides a small workspace big enough for a laptop, whilst giving you the option to safely store items in a convenient drawer.

If you are in need of some storage drawers but not sure how many or how big you want the unit, then why not opt for stackable units? The Pommi Stackable Modular Drawers are available on its own or in a set between 2 and 5. These wonderful units come in either walnut or oak finishes. You could even play around with the arrangement and get a combination to your liking.

Small lounge chairs with the freedom of movement allow the user to move around more freely. The swivel Swan Style Lounge Chair comes available in either a Leather version or Fabric version.

Pair this with a classy Costello Side Table to give your style some glamor and shine. If you really want to add some character to your small space then you can even include the vintage industrial style Marfa Floor Lamp.

If you want to place something by your bed but you’re not sure what you want then how about this? The Multipurpose Caryn Compact Stool and Side Table. A piece that is light and can be transported easily around the home to serve as an extra seating option. Great for those situations where you need a quick seating solution to complete a task. It can also be used to display items or store items that you want close to your bedside.

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