Unique Ceramic Origami Matte Wall Clock

Unique Ceramic Origami Matte Wall Clock

Unique Ceramic Origami Matte Wall Clock

If you want something that can add a touch of interest to any room then look no further with our unique ceramic origami matte wall clock. Decor8 Hong Kong furniture presents the Karlsson Origami Wall Clock to you. This clock is a stunning timekeeper that features a unique and interesting origami style texture. The great thing about this clock is that it wasn’t designed just so you can tell the time, but can be used to add some personality to your interior.

The quirky Karlsson Origami Wall Clock strikes the perfect balance between being both minimalist and intricate. This clock features a matte white ceramic face with two black hands making it blend easily into the background. However if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that it is far from a simple design. The clock face has a classic but interesting and geometric design. It appears as if it has been folded from paper using the art and style of Japanese Origami.

The clock operates with 1 AA battery and runs with precision using quartz movement. This provides you with a clock that gives you a more accurate time than the normal mechanical clocks.

In terms of placement, the Karlsson Origami Wall Clock can go just about anywhere making it perfect for your modern interior space. Place it on your wall and let your guests gather around for a closer look. With its unique appearance and designer brand, this clock makes a perfect gift whether it be for housewarming or birthday. The perfect item for people that are going for a contemporary interior style or just love crafting in general.

Come by our showrooms to see the actual product and if you’re lucky then you can take one away with you on the spot. An iconic unique ceramic origami matte wall clock that should be included in every stylish interior.

Written by: Sam Cheng

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