Unique Wall Lamps For Your Bedroom


Unique Wall Lamps For Your Bedroom

Unique Wall Lamps For Your Bedroom


The Bestlite Style Wall Bracket Lamp is highly influenced by the modern Bauhaus design. If you are looking for something unique and fun this is the perfect wall lamp for you. The Bestlite Style Wall Bracket Lamp has a stunning fixture which is available in two finish options to go with the chromed out body. The two different finishes are defined by the colour of the wall bracket fixture, lamp shade, and wire to the power outlet. The two colours that this lamp is available in are black or white. Which colour is best for my wall? It’s a good idea to go with a contrasting colour from the wall, floor, and other surrounding pieces of furniture to make a bold statement. This will make the lamp stand out and catch the eye of anyone that enters the room.


The on/off switch is located on the cable to the power outlet


This wall lamp features an adjustable height which is fixed in position with a bolt. You can tighten and loosen the bolt with a flat head screwdriver to adjust the position of the lamp. The height of the pole which the lamp can be adjusted is 41.5 cm and the height of the lamp in its fully extended form is 77 cm.

The shiny and smooth finish along with the chrome fixture design adds a modern touch to this already magnificent style light source. This gives the elegant detail of the Bestlite Style Wall Bracket Lamp, a sophisticated touch when placed in any bedroom setting.

What’s great about the Bestlite lamp is that they have a range of matching styles. There are floor lamps and table lamps. Both of them have adjustable pivoting positions but only the floor lamp has adjustable height.

Written by Victor Gibson

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