Valet Stands – A Classic Staple for Modern and Stylish Business People

Valet Stands

Valet Stands


Most of us like to keep our things clean and tidy at home but it is usually time consuming and most of us are tired after a busy day. The important thing is to have a plan and a dedicated space to keep things when not in use. How often is it that clothes get thrown onto a chair or in a pile somewhere? Usually these items can be worn again but instead lying around becoming all creased and sometimes build up odor. A valet stand would help remedy this solution with a place to set your accessories and clothes for the day.

Valet stands have been used since Victorian times, when gentlemen were dressed by their valet. On previous nights, the valet would set the clothing out on the stand preparing the next day’s outfit for his gentleman. Nowadays they can be a great help to ease the morning rush by having your clothes set out the night before. Valets are no longer just an item for men since more and more female professionals like to use them as well. Traditionally they were used by men to hang their jackets, shirts or ties and therefore only commonly available in limited styles and colours. More styles have become available since then but vary in prices.

Valets can be seen in homes and office rooms of professionals who wears suits. They are seen as more beneficial for people who dress formally than those of us who dress fairly casually. This doesn’t mean they can’t be admired by others. For instance, having set your clothes out the night before on the stand, you won’t annoy your partner in the morning by having to open up the closet waking them up.


Decor8 Hong Kong furniture currently have two valet stands in our collection. The Venetian valet is made from solid wood with a dark cherry finish. The Caesar valet is also made from solid wood but is wrapped in PU synthetic leather. This is available in either black PU synthetic leather or dark cherry PU synthetic leather. Both are exquisitely crafted with all them curves, straight lines and details.


Written by: Akira Takamoto

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