Wood Round Tables Find


wood round table find

Tip of the Day: Round tables give you an illusion of more space


When you walk in any furniture chains stores it is not surprising to discover that most wooden furniture they sell are MDF. It refers to Medium-density fibreboard, made by breaking down any wood residuals into wood fibres, combined with wax and a resin binder, and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure……

To be simple, MDF is just a piece of wood made by pressured wood residuals.

Many furniture stores use MDF for their furniture due to its extraordinarily low production cost and promising profit. However, if you watched a karate show before, you will realise how “firm” can they be.

Decor8 believes that dining tables have to be practical, durable and aesthetically alluring. Most wooden dining tables at Decor8 are made with solid wood imported from North America. We offer you various choices in colours and sizes for wooden round tables as well. Here are some top sales items we would like to introduce to you:

Tulip Style Wood Table

The Tulip Style Wood Table is in the same family of marble tables in last chapter. There are three different sizes for the Tulip Style Wood Table and it has two finishes, which are light oak finish or dark walnut finish. The price of this table is very reasonable and the delicate table base allows you to fit the dining chairs underneath completely.

Milton Walnut Round Dining Table

The Milton Walnut Round Dining Table has a tree-like design that gives users a concrete and reliable feeling. It suits larger dining rooms and lounge areas, which is perfect for dinners and meetings. The Milton Walnut Round Dining Table can also be used for conference rooms or for office settings.

Prouve Style Round Gueridon Table

The Prouve Style Round Gueridon Table was originally made purposefully for the University of Paris in 1949, created by innovative French engineer and designer Jean Prouvé. The Prouve Style Round Gueridon Table is known for its striking 3-leg support, which is also the signature of Prouvé’s designs.

(Disclaimer: The name Prouvé is used to describe the product, not as a trade mark.)

Noguchi Style Cyclone Table

You cannot image the twisting wire design was marketed in 1957, almost 60 years ago. You may put the Noguchi Style Cyclone Table in dining rooms or business concierges. The Noguchi Style Cyclone Table is also great as a conference room table or for canteens.

Round Table

The stunning craftsmanship and stylish birch legs would definitely matches with all your interiors seamlessly. You may choose either white or black colour for the top and the feet of this table are self-adjustable. If you think you get a tiny flat, no worries, the Round Table will fit your need as it only comes with 60cm and 80cm diameters for its sizes. (Umm…fight fire with fire?!)

Written by: Victor Gibson